What the Changes to the Creative Kids Program Means for Parents & Guardians

What the Changes to the Creative Kids Program Means for Parents & Guardians

What the Changes to the Creative Kids Program Means for Parents & Guardians

Plenty of Mums & Dads are asking us about the March 1st changes to the Creative Kids Program... so let's go through the changes and explain what it means for using your vouchers.

First up, here's the changes as communicated by Create NSW who manages the Creative Kids Voucher program...

"From 1 March 2022, the following changes will be implemented:

1. all programs that include the supply of creative materials or art kits will be ineligible under the Creative Kids Program (including those accompanied by written instructions or live lessons);
2. online programs will be capped at 20 participants per lesson to ensure meaningful interactive activities for children and young people;
3. new providers will be required to demonstrate relevant industry experience, or experience in creative education or teaching fields.

From 1 March 2022, all providers impacted by these changes must cease accepting vouchers and promoting ineligible programs. For any vouchers that have already been accepted, these providers will have until 15 March 2022 to redeem and be reimbursed for these vouchers."

So can you still use your vouchers with Charlie Boots?

The short answer is yes. Hooray! 

Your $100 voucher will be used for our online Zoom art/craft lessons, but in order to send the art materials needed to follow along at home we now have to charge a very small fee per workshop.

The fee per workshop means you still get great value from your voucher and we can still deliver you high quality art materials to support our online lessons.  

We've tried to keep the fee as small possible because we know so many parents across NSW are struggling with the rising cost of living.

We're doing our part to keep the voucher scheme going while making sure kids who need creativity and fun the most don't miss out! After-all that's what the program is all about!

So, for us, it's business as usual supporting Mums & Dads to nurture their children's creative skills. Fingers crossed there's no further changes coming! 

If you have any further questions about the changes to the program or how to use your voucher please get in touch with us, we'd love to help! Contact us on 0421 710 225 or info@charlieboots.com.au