Creative Workshop - Pouring Paints with 8 colours and more!



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Learn how to use pouring paints to create your own artworks using this educational workshop kit full of materials. This kit comes with so much and is delivered to your door for free!

All our kits come personalised with your child's name and beautifully presented to add the extra Charlie Boots touch.

At Charlie Boots, we pride ourselves on only using good quality products along with details workshop videos, so along with our Satisfaction Guarantee, you can't go wrong.

ALL the below is included in this package:
To Paint:

  • Pouring paint 120ml x 4. 
  • Pouring paint 60ml x 4.
  • Premium finishing varnish 120ml. 
  • Timber painting board (perfect for spin art) 30.5 x 30.5cm.
  • Canvas Boards x 2 - 25.4 x 30.5cm. 
  • Palette knife set.
  • Protective gloves.
  • Pouring Cups. 
      To Learn: 
      • Charlie Boots Workshop Zone with instructional videos. We are frequently adding new videos to this series to ensure there are more opportunities to learn and create! 

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      Pouring paint 120ml - 4 pack

      Perfect for pouring and fluid art, this pre-mixed and ready to pour set comes in the colour tones Coral which are red and orange tones. 

      Pouring paint  60ml - 4 pack

      Perfect for pouring and fluid art, this pre-mixed and ready to pour set comes in the colour tones Ethereal which are light purple, dark purple, Mint Green and Ultramarine blue.  

      Premium finish varnish - 120ml

      Finish off your pouring art with a lovely iridescent finish. 

      Timber Paint Board

      Perfect for spin art, this board won't warp regardless of how much paint you use! 30.5cm x 30.5cm.

      2  x Pack Painting Canvas board

      Pure cotton canvas boards - Perfect to create your own artworks. Size 25.4 x 30.5cm x 2. 

      Palette Knife Set

      Great for creating texture in your artworks! These palette knives and flexible and have a no cut edge.

      Protective Gloves

      Keep your hands clean by wearing protective gloves while creating your masterpieces.  

      Pouring Cups

      Create amazing masterpieces with the help of these cups to create your pouring artworks. 

      Pouring paint 120ml Safety Sheet
      Pouring paint 60ml Safety Sheet
      Finish Varnish Safety Sheet