NEW! Creative Workshop - Mixed Media Madness - Tie Dye, Posca, Modelling Clay and More!



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This kit and online workshop has been designed for those kids who want to give everything a try! With tie dye, Posca pens, modelling clay, paint..... the list goes on! You will have so many options and so many opportunities to learn with this amazing kit.

Follow our amazing online online workshops, to learn all the skills you need to create your own amazing art creations! This kit comes with so much and is delivered to your door for free!

All our kits come personalised with your child's name and beautifully presented to add the extra Charlie Boots touch.

At Charlie Boots, we pride ourselves on only using good quality products along with details workshop videos, so along with our Satisfaction Guarantee, you can't go wrong.

ALL the below is included in this package:

To Create:

  • 1 x Tulip Tie Dye kit with three colours (red, yellow, blue). 
  • 4 x Posca pens (colours based on availability).
  • 5 x Modelling Clay. 
  • Acrylic paint timber box set which comes with 12 x 12ml acrylic paint tubes, 3 x brushes, 1 x painting palette, 1 pencil, 1 eraser & 1 sharpener
  • 2 x Canvases (20cm x 25xm).
To Learn: 
  • Charlie Boots Workshop Zone with instructional videos. We are frequently adding new videos to this series to ensure there are more opportunities to learn and create!

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Tulip Tie Dye Kit

At Charlie Boots, we only use the best quality products which is why we have selected the Tulip brand for our Tie Dye workshops. This one-step kit comes in 3 different colours and all the materials you need to create your own individual tie-dye creations. Please note you will need to provide your own shirts or materials to dye. 

Posca Paint Pens - 4 Pack PC-5M

We have chosen the most versatile Posca Pen there is! This bullet tip design is perfect for all surfaces. It provides a clear and precise line and with 4 wonderful colours, your artwork will truly come to life!

5 x Polymer Modelling Clay 60g

Create your own sculptures with 5 different colours of modelling clay. Colours based on availability.

Acrylic Wooden Box Set 

You will love this beautifully presented wooden box set. It comes with 12 x 12ml acrylic paint tubes, 3 x brushes, 1 x painting palette, 1 pencil, 1 eraser and 1 sharpener and will give you hours of fun! 

2  x Pack Painting Canvas board

Pure cotton canvas boards - Perfect to create your own artworks. Size 20cm x 25.4cm  

Posca Safety Sheet Black
Posca Safety Sheet Blue
Posca Safety Sheet Green
Posca Safety Sheet Light Blue
Posca Safety Sheet Pink
Posca Safety Sheet Red
Posca Safety Sheet White
Posca Safety Sheet Yellow
Posca Safety Sheet Bronze
Posca Safety Sheet Light Green
Posca Safety Sheet Prussian Blue
Acrylic Paint Safety Sheet
Tulip Tie Dye Safety Sheet
Modelling Clay Safety Sheet