Creative Workshop - Modelling Clay with tools!



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You will have hours of fun with our brand new craft kit - Modelling Clay! The possibilities are endless, this kit provides so much value for you to create and sculpt.

All our kits come personalised with your child's name and beautifully presented to add the extra Charlie Boots touch.

At Charlie Boots, we pride ourselves on only using good quality products along with details workshop videos, so along with our Satisfaction Guarantee, you can't go wrong.

PLEASE NOTE: Adult supervision is essential for this workshop as to set the clay, a household oven must be used if you want the clay to be cured. 
ALL the below is included in this package:

  • 3 x 400g polymer clay (colours are based on availability).
  • 10 x 60g polymer clay (colours are based on availability)
  • 1 x timber modelling tools. 
  • Charlie Boots Workshop Zone with instructional videos. We are frequently adding new videos to this series to ensure there are more opportunities to learn and create!

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Polymer Modelling Clay - 400g

There are so many possibilities with this versatile modelling clay! Use it over and over or if you want to cure your sculptures then all you need is a household oven (parental supervision is essential). 3 x 400g supplied in black, white and beige (subject to availability).

Polymer Modelling Clay 60g

Add those extra touches to your sculptures with 10 different colours. Included in this kit are yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, orange, grey, gold, silver and copper. 

Timber Modelling Tools

This mini tool set comes with 10 different tools to help cave and smooth your sculptures. 

Mont Marte Modelling Clay Safety Sheet