Airbrush Art - Creative Kids Workshop - 20th July 4:30pm

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You can purchase materials to complete this workshop from us or you might have them at home already!

Course Overview

In this class students we look at the artworks of David Wilardson and explore airbrush techniques. We explore colour combinations and shades and explore the concept of the impact of paint on surface. We look at form and experiment with different airbrushing techniques. Students are encouraged to follow along with the teacher or create a unique work of their own by adapting the art making techniques. We encourage students to add their own personality to their artworks.

Students Learn:

1. About David Wilardson’s art and his techniques;

2. How to create air using airbrush and how to create different effects;

3. To explore personal experiences and make an artwork of interest to them;

4. To use autonomy to create a personalised artwork.

Please note all workshops are capped at 20 students to ensure each child gets the most out of each lesson.

You can purchase materials to complete this workshop from us or you might have them at home already!

Recommended materials: Airbrush sprayer and paper or canvas. 


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