Mont Marte Pouring / Fluid Art 4pc Paint Set - Coral

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Flex your creativity with this beauty from Mont Marte! Giving you the freedom to express yourself fully, Mont Marte is slinging all the art supplies you could ever want. Whether you're a total novice looking for a mindful hobby, or an experienced artist in need of a stock up, we've got you covered. 


  • Mont Marte art supplies 
  • Style: Coral Acrylic Pouring Paint Set
  • Colours:
    • Coral
    • Bronze
    • Orange
    • Shiraz
  • Pack contents: 4 x 120mL
  • High quality art supplies 
  • Perfect for novices, or experienced artists needing to stock up 
  • Makes a wonderful gift for arty people 
  • Pre-mixed and ready to pour
  • Lucid, easy-pour formula that flows seamlessly
  • Make your own marbled effects
  • Coral colours look like the warm-toned hues that lie on the ocean floor