Building and Painting the Biplane

Welcome to your Charlie Boots Workshop! You now have access to the course. You can stop the videos at any time and watch them as many times as you like. Happy creating!

Video 1 - Introduction and learning outcomes

  • Introduction to Charlie Boots online video workshops
  • An overview of what the students will be learning.
  • Setting up a creative workspace and what stuff you need to get started.
  • Creative tips - take your time, there’s no need to rush!
  • Safety tips, little parts, disposing of rubbish etc. Never use electrical tools without an adult and supervision.

    Video 2 - How the models are made and Building the Bi-plane 

    • Learning about how the laser works and how the models are created.
    • How is plywood made? Where does it come from? Why is it a good timber to use?
    • Learning how to take the pieces out of the plywood carefully!
    • A step by step guide of putting together the plane.


      Video 3 - Model Construction – The Bee Clock

      • Learning what a process is and how things are built by following a process.
      • Assembling your model by following the steps.
      • Learning about gear ratios and how clocks work.


        Video 4 - Painting your model (2 part video) 

        • Researching how you want your model to look, find creative inspiration from the world around you or online (with Mum or Dad’s help).
        • What can you use to paint?
        • Setting up your painting space correctly.
        • Picking the colours to match your look.
        • Mixing colours - 3 primary colours and black/white.
        • Using the right brush at the right time, small brushes are great for painting small areas and big brushes are for painting bigger areas.
        • Using the laser-cut lines on the model to separate paint areas.

          Video 5 - Adding detail to your model, submitting for feedback.

          • Adding extra details to your model and display your masterpiece.
          • What more can we learn about these models? Could we research more about planes? What are some famous clocks from around the world?
          • How to customise your model with things you might have at home. Using glue, toothpicks, fabric to personalize your model and add your own features.
          • What are you going to do with it? Gift it, use it, display it, take it to school (carefully).
          • Submitting your creations for feedback.
          • Review of what we have learnt.