Calligraphy - Online Workshop


In this class students explore the expressive and skillful artform of calligraphy. We look at the history of calligraphy and how it is used today in the modern form. Students will explore the different calligraphy techniques and how students can add in their own personality into the craft. Students are encouraged to follow along to learn introductory calligraphy techniques such as brush lettering and
hand lettering.

Learning Outcomes

1. Introduction to calligraphy tools - using pens and ink. 

2. Lettering techniques - pressures and strokes. 

3. Foundations of brush lettering. 

Please note all workshops are capped at 20 students to ensure each child gets the most out of each lesson.


Should you choose to, you can purchase materials to help you complete this workshop. You can purchase these from another retailer or you might have these at home. 

Recommended materials: Calligraphy Set, charcoal, sketching pencils, sketch book.