Charlie Boots Workshop Calendar - Available Dates

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 Summer Holiday Workshop Times



Monday 16th January 

1:00pm - Primary Painting

2:00pm - Modelling Clay


Wednesday 18th January 


4:00pm - Senior Drawing 


Thursday 19th January 

4:30pm - Modelling Clay 

6:30pm - Tie Dye


Tuesday 24th January 

6:30pm - Senior Painting 


Wednesday 25th January 

4:30pm - Primary Drawing

5:30pm - Tie Dye

6:30pm - Senior Drawing 



Thursday 9th February

5:00pm - Airbrush

6:00pm - Primary Painting


Saturday 11th February

10:00am - Airbrush

11:00am - POSCA Skate


Thursday 9th March

5:00pm - Senior Painting 

6:00pm - Calligraphy 


Sunday 12th March

2:00pm - Airbrush

3:00pm -  POSCA Skate

4:00pm - POSCA Drawing


Thursday 23rd March

6:00pm - Senior Painting 

7:00pm - POSCA Drawing


Monday 26th March

5:30pm - Airbrush

6:30pm - Senior Painting 


Monday 3rd April

5:00pm - Primary Painting  

7:00pm - Tie Dye


Tuesday 4th April

6:30pm - Tie Dye

7:30pm - POSCA - Skate


April School Holidays 


Tuesday 11th April 

9:00am - Primary Painting  

12:00pm - Senior Painting 


Wednesday 12th April 

10:00am - POSCA - Skate

12:00pm - Primary Painting  

4:00pm - POSCA - Skate

5:00pm - Airbrush


Friday 14th April 

9:00am - Tie Dye

10:00am - POSCA Drawing

11:00am - Airbrush


Wednesday 19th April 

4:00pm - Airbrush


Thursday 20th April 

2:00pm - Tie Dye

3:00pm - POSCA Drawing


Friday 21st April

10:00am - Tie Dye

11:00am - POSCA Drawing

12:00pm - Airbrush


Saturday 22nd April 

 9:00am - Airbrush

10:00am - POSCA - Skate

11:00am - POSCA Drawing

12:00pm - Tie Dye

2:00pm - Airbrush

3:00pm - POSCA Drawing