Modelling Clay - Online Workshop

Course Overview

In this class students we look at the works of Michelangelo. We look at how Michelangelo uses light and shade to create his artforms and the lifelike presence of his artwork. We discuss how to use this as inspiration for our own artworks in creating life like objects. We explore clay techniques to create effects and different tools which can be used to create different outcomes. Students are encouraged to create their own unique design while following on with the teacher.

Students Learn:

1. About the history of sculpture with reference to Michelangelo; 

2. About light, shade and form in sculpture;

3. About tools and techniques to create desired effects; 

4. How to add their own personal touches to their artforms

Please note all workshops are capped at 20 students to ensure each child gets the most out of each lesson.


Should you choose to, you can purchase materials to help you complete this workshop.

Recommended materials: Air Dry or Modelling Clay