NSW Back to School Voucher - Kindergarten

Do you have a child starting in kindergarten for the first time and unsure of what they will need throughout the school year? Having your first child start school can be daunting and there is a lot to remember so we want to make this transition a little easier for parents.

Use our Back to School guide to help new parents understand what they need in the lead up to their child starting school and how you best use your back to school voucher. 

Uniform & Shoes

Uniforms are unique to each school and can be purchased from the school uniform shop and a times, independent retailers will also stock a local schools uniform supplies. Your school will have a uniform dress code which will help you guide what you need for your child. Many schools will have a summer uniform, winter uniform and a sports uniform. 

Be sure to check out whether you school has a second hand uniform shop, you can save a lot by re-using uniforms that other children have grown out of. You can also check local buy/swap/sell pages online for second hand uniforms. 

With school shoes, each school has different requirements for shoes - colour and style depend on each school so check the school guide for more information. In many cases, each child will require an 'every day' pair of shoes and a pair of runners/joggers for sports days. 

Details to come on whether you can use your Back to School Voucher on uniforms and shoes. 

Back Pack & Lunchbox

Depending on the school, you may be required to purchased a school branded back pack or may be able to bring your own. It is a great idea to check with the school before purchasing. You want to make sure you get a back pack which isn't too small so your child can fit lunch, a jumper and homework inside but not too big as your little one will need to carry it!

Each child will require a lunchbox and water bottle for their school day. There are variety of options available, try and look for something leak proof and sturdy as it will get dropped from time to time. 

Details to come on whether you can use your Back to School Voucher on Back Packs and Lunchboxes. 


Some schools will provide a list of recommended supplies for your kindergarten child. Here are some key things they will need for the school year:

- Art Smock (to protect their uniform)

- Pencil Case

- Coloured Pencils

- Crayons

- Texters or Markers 

- Ruler

- Glue Sticks 

- Scrap Book

Details to come on how you can use your Back to School Voucher on stationary and art supplies. We have some great Back to School supplies currently available in our shop here: Back to School Supplies

What is the back to school program?

The NSW Government has announced a Back to School voucher program to help families with children in NSW primary or secondary schools pay for school supplies.

The program will provide $150 worth of vouchers per child.

Families will be able to use the vouchers towards the cost of school uniforms, shoes, bags, textbooks or stationery.

To be eligible to receive a Back to School voucher, you must have a child who is:

  • a NSW resident
  • enrolled in a government or non-government school, or registered for homeschooling, in 2023
  • listed on a valid Medicare card.

Charlie Boots is looking forward sharing with you all about how the program works and how you can best spend your vouchers. Please register your interest below to be notified when more information is released. 

More information will be released in the coming weeks, please see more here: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/back-school-voucher-program