NSW Creative Kids Voucher - How to apply - Mandarin

The NSW Creative Kids program gives each school aged child a $100 voucher to participate in creative activities. The program is funded by the NSW Government and allows parents and carers to use one $100 voucher per child each calendar year with registered Creative Kids providers.



As a registered NSW Creative Kids Provider and you can use your voucher with Charlie Boots to purchase workshops and art packs at no cost to you. 

作为注册的新南威尔斯创意儿童提供商,您可以在Charlie Boots 使用您的票卷购买实作课程和美术材料包而不用花任何钱。


This is a step-by-step guide to help you apply for your voucher and use it at Charlie Boots.

以下是帮助您申请票券并且在Charlie Boots使用它的逐步指南。


First Step – Apply for NSW Creative Kids Voucher

To apply for a voucher with the NSW Government, you will need to follow these steps:

第一步 -- 申请新南威尔斯创意儿童卷



  1. Visit https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-creative-kids-voucher.

拜访网站 https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-creative-kids-voucher

  1. Select the 'apply online' button in the bottom left hand corner. 

在左下角选择“在线申请” 钮。


  1. Login into your account or sign up if you don't have one.


  1. Enter your name, contact number and your address. Tick the box to confirm you are the parent/guardian/carer of the child(ren) being applied for. 



  1. You then need the details from your Medicare Card. Type the number, select the colour of your card either green, yellow or blue. Enter the expiry date (MM/YYYY).




  1. You then need to choose the child you are applying for. Enter your child’s date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY). Pick whether your child’s name extended over more than one line on your card (No/Yes). You then enter your childs first name, then middle name or initial (copy exactly what is on the card) and the child’s family name. You also need include the number which references the child on the Medicare card which is listed before their name.



  1. Click on the ‘Check eligibility of child’ button to see whether they qualify. If they qualify, your voucher will appear on the next screen and you will have the voucher emailed to you also.



To use your voucher with Charlie Boots:

在Charlie Boots使用您的票卷:

  1. Visit www.charlieboots.com.au 

拜访网站 www.charlieboots.com.au 

  1. Find the workshop and art pack you would like to purchase.     



  1. Add your pack to your cart. 




  1. On the Cart page enter your Creative Kids voucher information into the text box or after you finish ordering you can email your child’s name, date of birth and the voucher number (16 digits) to info@charlieboots.com.au

在购物车页面,在方框输入您的创意儿童票卷信息,或在您完成订购后,您可以邮寄您的小孩名字,出生日期和票卷号码(16位数字)到info@charlieboots.com.au  。


  1. Agree to the terms and conditions of purchase. Then click the ‘check out’ button. 

同意购买条款和条件。然后点选 “结帐” 按钮。    


  1. Enter your contact details and click ‘continue to shipping’.
  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • Apartment number (if applicable)
  • Suburb
  • Country
  • State
  • Postcode
  • Phone number



  • 电子信箱
  • 名字
  • 姓氏
  • 住址
  • 公寓号码 (如果有)
  • 区域
  • 国家
  • 邮政编码
  • 电话号码



  1. Shipping is free so you don’t need to change anything here.



  1. Select ‘NSW Creative Kids’ when purchasing so you won’t be charged. 

购买时,选择 “新南威尔斯创意儿童”,这样您才不会被收费。



  1. Confirm that your shipping and billing address is the same and complete order by clicking ‘complete order’.



  1. We will send you your link to our online workshops and post you your art pack to your address. This does not cost you anything. 



  1. Watch your child get creative and enjoy!