Tie Dye - Creative Kids Workshop

Course Overview

In this class students explore art in the form of fabric, using banding and colours to create unique fabric creations. We discuss the history of tie dye and how the art has evolved to the modern day. We look at different techniques of banding and colour application to create different outcomes. Students are encouraged to follow along to learn basic techniques and students are encouraged through trial and error to try new techniques and share results.

Students Learn:

1. About the history of tie dye and its place as an artform;

2. Fabric preparation and dye safety;

3. How to band fabric and dye application to create different results;

4. To explore the use of colour with reference to feeling and meaning;

5. To use autonomy to explore new and different techniques

Please note all workshops are capped at 20 students to ensure each child gets the most out of each lesson.


Should you choose to, you can purchase materials to help you complete this workshop. You can purchase these from another retailer or you might have these at home. 

Recommended materials: Tie Dye and either a t-shirt or calico bag.