Who is Charlie Boots?

Thank you for supporting Charlie Boots!

We are a small mum and dad owned business with a passion for teaching kids new creative skills. We have 4 young children all who love to explore new and exciting craft and wanted to create a business where we could share our passion with other families.

We have put our heart and soul into creating the most interesting and value-packed workshops. Customer service and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do so you can be assured that you will be ecstatic with your purchase! 

Charlie Boots offers online workshops and kits for school aged children along with providing ongoing support for every student. When you purchase access to a Charlie Boots course, you also have the option for us to send out all of the materials required right to your door! 

We run a wonderful range of live online craft workshops every week with our very talents art teachers. These programs have been developed with reference to the NSW education syllabus so everything taught in our workshops assists children with the learning already taking place at school. 

Charlie Boots aim is to provide creative opportunities for children to use their hands, challenge their minds and produce artwork they can be proud of. We hope to inspire children and open to creative world to Australia’s future artists, architects, and designers alike.