Charlie Boots Workshop Calendar

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Monday 28th November

5:30pm -  POSCA - Skate

6:30pm - Tie Dye


Thursday 1st December

4:30pm - POSCA Drawing

5:30pm - POSCA - Skate

6:30pm - Calligraphy


Monday 5th December

4:30pm - Airbrush

5:30pm - POSCA Drawing


Tuesday 6th December

5:30pm - Primary Painting 

6:30pm - POSCA Skate


Tuesday 13th December

5:00pm - Calligraphy Advanced

6:00pm - Tie Dye

7:00pm - POSCA Drawing


Summer Holiday Workshop Times


Wednesday 21st December 

9am - Airbrush

10am - Modelling Clay

11am - POSCA (skate)

12pm - Primary School Painting and Drawing 


Thursday 22nd December 

9am - Calligraphy 

10am - Tie Dye 

11am - POSCA Drawing

12pm - Senior School Painting and Drawing 


Wednesday 11th January 

9am - Airbrush

10am - Modelling Clay

11am - POSCA (skate)

12pm - Primary School Painting and Drawing 


Friday 13th January  

9am - Calligraphy 

10am - Tie Dye 

11am - POSCA Drawing

12pm - Senior School Painting and Drawing