Crayola Airbrush Marker Set

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The Crayola marker airbrush set allows you to use markers in a fun new way. This hand pressurised airbrush machine uses Crayola's Broadline, Pip-Squeaks, Fabric and Window markers to create a fine, coloured mist that is great for all kinds of art projects! The included stencil sheets provide guidance so kids can easily produce beautiful and precise airbrush creations on both paper and fabrics.

Stress less about mess as the included Pip Squeak markers are washable! Washes off machine washable clothing and most walls and surfaces, just use soap and warm water.

This set includes one airbrush sprayer, eight washable Pip-Squeaks markers, four stencils, 20 sheets of blank paper, and a bonus pack of eight washable Pip-Squeaks markers.

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